It’s this time of the year that I’m designing some of my last summer couple’s albums and I get to go down memory lane #lovemyjob. When recently engaged couples book us to document their Wedding day, the “Wedding Album” questions comes up and I thought I would share some details on what we offer as of 2016.

We only offer Locally Handmade Folio Fine Art Albums with your choice of cover including leather and standard 30 Pages included.

The sizes and types we offer:

10 x 10 Fine Art Wedding Album 30 Page
12 x 12 Fine Art Wedding Album
12 x 12 Matted Wedding Album

Many of our couples only decide to proceed with their album a year sometimes two after their day and this is perfectly fine with us. For this reason we offer a full day package with or without an album, keeping it simple. We keep all your photos so when you’re ready, just drop us a mail and we can get the process started.

We design your album with a combination of your wedding blog and 15 photos that you choose personally. I feel this gives our clients input into their wedding album. Below is a digital example of a 10 x 10 Fine Art Wedding Album, this is what you will receive and sign off on before it’s sent to the printers/binders.

I personally feel a Folio wedding album is the ultimate way to display your day, printing will last you a lifetime!

Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0001Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0002Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0003Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0004Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0005Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0006Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0007Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0008Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0009Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0010Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0011Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0012Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0013Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0014Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0015Real_Simple_Photography_Folio_0016 Above: Example Photos of the 10 x 10 Fine Art Album.

Looking for a documentary photographer and you like what see?


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