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I'm not looking for perfection, but instead real moments as small as breakfast in the mornings or story time at night. The time I spend with you will be relaxed and 99% documentary style, I always like to get one good "family group" shot!

Family Photography and what it means to me

I recently became a father and my daughter changed our lives in so many positive ways the list is too long! I have my camera in reach most days and the joy I experience when editing the images is what I want to give to my families.

Sessions start at £ 395

I offer a 2 hour session and includes +/- 100 images via an online gallery in full HD

The session fee covers preparation, shooting, post-production & preparing the images for final delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to arrange a newborn shoot?


The best time is within the first 4 weeks. I don't do any posing and capture them as they are with you in your home.


When is the best time to capture images of young babies?


Month 3 - 6 is best, baby can then hold up their own heads.

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