Fai and Haidee’s Preston Court Wedding, Kent

Fai and Haidee’s Preston Court Wedding with a “carnival” theme was something different for us and we loved it. With Procecco, Beer in barrel, ice cream and popcorn being served during reception need we say more. The day started off with Chinese door games where being a groomsman and best man took a new meaning as most of the tasks had to be completed by them. Next up was the Chinese tea ceremony followed by an outdoor ceremony. If you looking for a barn with a difference, Preston Court should be on your list!
prestson court weddingPrestson Court WeddingPrestson Court Weddingprestson court wedding
Flowers: Heather and Wood
Wedding Cake: Fairy Dust Bakery
Hair and Make-Up: Jojo Law
Catering: Tayberry Foods
Wedding Dress: Les Trois Soeurs

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